Aluminum Heater


Aluminum Heater has no standard sizes so we make to order only.

Made to Order

We tailor-made as per customer's drawings and sizes :

  • Shape

    Cylindrical, Sphere, Cone, Rectangular, Ring, etc.

  • Voltage (VOLT)

    110V, 220V, 380V

  • Watts (WATT)

    as appropriate of size of heater


Aluminum Heater is casted in with Tubular heater and Aluminium mixture to form shape as designed or required by users or customers

Advantages of Aluminium Heater is that it can be emit heat thoroughly at short period, comparing to other types of heater.  Once this heater is pluged in, its heat continues smoothly.  Although the productiion process of Aluminium Heater is quite complex, its design and shape meet exactly the customer's requirements.