Band Heater


  • Materials

    It is having Mica as insulation and having Stainless plate as outer shield.

  • Standard Sizes

    25x25 mm., 30x30 mm., 40x40 mm., 45x45 mm., 50x50 mm.

  • Voltage (VOLT)


  • Watts (WATT)


Made to Order

  • Materials

    Stainless steel

  • Terminals

    •  Its terminal can be 2-pin plug, screw plug, ceramic terminal or Silicone Fiberglass insulated wires.  A termperature controller can also be installed to control the heater.

    • When Ceramic insulated Band Heater is needed, we can tailor-made according to users' specificationms

  • Voltage (VOLT)

    110V, 220V, 380V

  • Watts (WATT)

    based on the size of heater


Band Heater and Plate Heater both are very similar in their structure with Mica as insulation and stainless steel plate as outer shield.

Plate Heater is good for heating mold with square, rectangle and round shapes.  A vacant hole can also have on the heater upon request.

Band Heater is suitable for drum heating or other containers with cylinder shape.  It is widely used in plastic injection machines.