Fin Heater


  • Type of tube


  • Tube Size

    11.5 mm.

  • Length

    400-1500 mm.

  • Voltage (VOLT)


  • Watts (WATT)


Made to Order

We have standard sizes available in I-shape, U-shape heater, and Rectangle-Fin.

  • Can be made

    with brass and stainless screw lock as per user's needs

  • Voltage (VOLT)

    110V, 220V, 380V

  • Watts (WATT)

    as appropriate to size of heater


Fin Heater can be used in blow-dry in painting, food indurtry, etc.  If the fan is also installed, the hot air can be dispersed thoroughly.  The fin is designed to send heat out from the heater, protecting the overheat problem and increasing the life cycle of heater as well.

Our Fin Heater is made from stainless steel as main materials so it will not rust or stain through time.

We accept tailor-made into DUCT AIR HEATER as finished product which can be ready for on-site installation.

Product Size Chart

Fin Heater (I-shape) Stainless Steel Tube

Ø Tube Length of Tube Fin length Volt Watt
11.5 MM. 40 CM 30 CM 220 800
50 CM 40 CM 1,000
60 CM 50 CM 1,500
80 CM 70 CM 1,800
100 CM 90 CM 2,000/3,000
150 CM (screw lock) 140 CM 3,000

Fin Heater (U-shape) Stainless Steel Tube

Ø Tube Fin Length of U Volt Watt
11.5 MM. Circular 35 CM 220 1,500
Circular 40 CM 220 1,500

Rectangle Fin Heater

Ø Tube Fin Length of U Volt Watt
8.5 MM. Square 40 CM 220 1,500
30 CM 220 1,500